Children are the Future

Why healing work for children?

We are all children of the light. If we are taught to maintain light and live consciously, then we can can have a brighter future and help others as well. 

Children heal quickly

Children are open to receive

Children need guidance

Sometimes make believe friends are not just make believe

Children can be lost and overwhelmed by energies

Children can receive healing from the womb up through teens and becoming adults.

What work can they do?

Children can receive energy work for physical , spiritual and emotional reasons.

Children can receive spiritual laying of hands through the Angels, Reiki and stones or crystals or do Despacho ceremonies.

Children can be taught to understand different energies and how to work with them.

Children can be taught early on how to respect and work with the Earth as well as Spirit.

How do they do this?

Children can learn simple ceremonies with the Earth

Children can learn simple breathing techniques to calm the mind and body.

Children can learn creative outlets for their energy such as painting and creating with items from nature.

If parents give permission, children can learn simple healing techniques to use on themselves or others.

Ready to help your child?