Curanderismo from the heart


Anyone can do this. This is not a class for diplomas, certificates etc. Respect is given to all traditions and beliefs and backgrounds and there is no pre-requisite other than a sincerity to be open, loving and wanting to help others. This is held the traditional way which is from teacher to student. An oral class for the most part. Every season will have new and different things to offer so this work can be repeated at any time. Guest speakers will be presented. More advanced work will be offered at a later time. Remember, this is life long learning, it's not just take a class and you are done. The student AND the teacher never stop learning and the awaken one knows this.

Curanderismo  (pronounced Coo-ron-dare-ismo) is something that comes from the heart. There is no wrong or right, there is no step-by-step as  traditional curanderos follow teachings from their grandparents, teachers or instinctively guided by Spirit. It is feeling the Earth and Spirit and working together as one for the community as much if not more than just yourselves. You will learn how we are truly one spirit and how all is connected. A true respect for life and everything around us.

This is life changing and a dedicated path. You have to to have time, dedication and patience for yourself as well as others. As you begin or continue to heal, things will  begin to come up. This could be repressed feelings, thoughts and patterns and more. You will be asked to come out of your comfort zone and "think our of the box". There is no asking for exact amounts when putting something together or scientific explanations as this is something you will begin to develop by instinct and intuition. You will awaken and expand your mind and your experiences throughout, will allow you to heal yourself, fallowing you to feel more connected and empowered as you begin to work with the Earth and Spirit in a deep and personal way.

Details on classes are explained in the other sections of this tab. There will be an option for full day classes, evening  every other week, to be offered over a period of 8-10 weeks.  You can take Spiritual Basics and Curanderismo  all together or you can take Spiritual Basic first and then take Curanderismo at another time, it's up to you but Spiritual Basics must be taken first.



Basic training :

Training will be offered as announced throughout the year. Details on the tab "spiritual basics". 

Exchange: $120 per course

Year of training:   current group full! thank you!

Exchange can be paid all at once, or per class. Non- refundable after class booking.

Scholarship will be offered for those in need. Interview required. 

Locations for training:  Most of the work is held outdoors in specific locations. You must be willing to go outdoors in all weather, throughout the year as this is important in the work. Indoor meetups will rotate between Montrose, Millwood  and Peekskill depending on number of participants.

Course : Spring session full! 

If interested email