Part 2- Cuanderismo & Shamanism


Curanderismo basics

There is basic information that must be discussed as with every class. You will learn different ways of living in curanderismo in general as well with a focus from Peru.

Meditations & self-care

Breathing is a natural process but there are ways to move energy, to focus to protect as taught in many traditions. You will have a taste in the Peruvian way, the Toltec way and even Buddhist way.

Working with the plants

The plant people are here to help us in our personal journeys as well as helping others. We will work with a guest curandero (s)  from who will help you to understand the importance of your dieta (diet) and how to work with the plants on a different level.

Stone people

Working with the stone people is more than what you read in books. They are here to help heal you as much as others.

Mother Earth

Having completed basic training, we will go out and spend time communing with Pachamama and learn to hold ceremony.