Here you will find various materials that you can use to assist you either in daily practice or as needed. 

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Earth and Spirit Jouneying

Lie down and listen to this video with your eyes closed. Allow it to take you where ever is needed. This has been used to clear, meditate and relax. It's a little preview of what you might hear during ceremonies or sessions. You can set intention to clear or receive energy. Enjoy!

2019 Podcast with Rocio & Rogues on the Road

Here's a way to get to know Rocio and take a brief look at her healing path journey.

Connecting with Source

Connecting with Source means acknowledging that you are one with everything. We are all spiritual beings having a human existence and we are taught to separate ourselves from the Divine. This was not so a long time ago. We are only starting to learn and reconnect with our true selves.


Conectando con el Divino es aceptando que somos uno con todo. Somos criaturas divinas teniendo una existencia humana y nos han ensenado que somos separados de Dios, el creador. 

Healing with water

As all of the elements around us have energy, we too are made of energy so therefore we can access this. We are more than 70% water which is why it can respond to us, like attracts like...all of nature I was taught a long time ago to access the energy of water and so can you.


Todo tiene energia y nosotros tambien Por esta razon tenemos acceso  a esta energia del agua. Somos mas del 70% de agua y por eso el agua nos responde cuando le rezamos o les hablamos, igual que las plantas.

Spanish video on prayer and gratitude

Esto es un video sobre la oracion y gratitude

Excerercise & Healing Illness

Your body requires oxygen to function so if you are in pain, you must still continue to push forward. Work through the pain and acknowledge it as a lesson that your body needs to go through, a painful memory that needs healing.


Tu cuerpo requiere oxigeno para funcionar...si estas con dolor tienes que seguir moviendote, Accepta el dolor como parte de un pasado, una memoria que tu cuerpo necesita pasar y veras como cambian as cosas.

Regarding cacao ceremonies

What is involved in my cacao ceremonies and the benefits. Briefly worded.

Pod Cast regarding Cacao Ceremony with Rocio

Prayer and Gratitude

A huge lesson I learned years back on prayer through gratitude, not by asking.

Letting Go

Just sharing something from years ago. Amazing how anger and sorrow can effect us.