Breath of love & the Archetypes

Breathe away your resistance

For a long time people have asked, "How do I stop my thoughts", "How do I stop thinking about..." "How do I forgive" "How do I love myself" "How do I attract my love",  "How do I connect", connect to Spirit, to myself etc. The answer to this and so much more is to shift your perceptions, shift your attitude and you can do this easily through the breath. 

Without knowing, many of us choose to stay in repeating thoughts and habits of what happened,  consciously or unconsciously. What we choosing is victimization. Young and old, we place conditions for receiving love unless our satisfaction is met (usually apologies). But what if you could shift this by simply stepping over and becoming an observer and surrounding yourself with unconditional love? How? You'll be amazed at how easy it actually is to be filled with bliss...

Anyone can do this! Come learn and practice the breath of love, a way to shift as easy as a flip of a switch! You will love this and  be filled with energy to take and practice. 

Eat light, bring water, wear light colors, there will be cushions but a small fold up chair is welcome. Offered in different areas.  Groups held in Peekskill: you can bring a mat to lay down.

2125 Albany Post Road, Ste.303

Montrose, NY 10548  

Large groups  925 ,South, upper level, South Street, Peekskill

Millwood coming soon!

Exchange: $10 Dates will TBA

A second type of breathing through the Archetypes is also offered which is a Toltec Technique such as taught by Sergio Magana. This is a more intense type of breath work where we use archetypes so they can help you move your dreams consciously and heal that which you want to change. 

This will leave you feeling alive, grounded and focused. Very powerful!


Combined class will be offered as well. 2 hrs of intense work!

Exchange $40


Luminous Paint

Remembering your Joy

A long time ago Rocio was visited by a being of light. What she received that evening was nothing but pure intense joy which lasted well over a month. When the feeling was gone. She wanted to find that joy again. What she learned was that as adults, many of us have lost the innocence of being young, the joy of doing simple things that make us happy and go quiet.

Rocio now offers her love of painting and drawing for ANYONE who's ever wanted to paint or draw or simply have fun. You need to nothing other than how to move your wrist and fingers in order to create. The purpose is to relax, to have fun and feel the love and joy again in your life. There is NO JUDGEMENT, NO WRONG OR RIGHT just fun! This is also a beautiful way to create physical, mental and spiritual healing.

This is a small group limited to 5 or 6 in Montrose, NY. You will begin with a breathing or sound meditation and then go on to a table where supplies will await you. This is good for ALL AGES, Men and Women no experience necessary!

Exchange: Groups/Workshops $21 (min 5) 90 minutes All materials provided

Private sessions offered too (call for exchange)

More than 5 will be moved to Peekskill

 or Ossining.

Classes will be onging/ available either Monday nights, Wednesdays, Fridays and weekends at this time.  DATES TBA

Just email your interest to

For kids too

Children need to learn mindfulness, to be confident and to relax. With heavy school schedules and work our children and teenagers are super stressed. Let them have fun by bringing a group of friends.

This is a great class for a child or children on the spectrum who are ok with paint and textures as such.

If interested in bring your child, having a family session or a group.

Please call (914)230-0039

Groups (depending on age) $15 per child

 90 minutes. 

Moms/Dads and child (Ages 5-18)

Private sessions offered too (call for exchange)


Honor your ancestors!

In Peru there is a custom in the highlands where people make Retablos, these are similar to Mexican shrine boxes and others used around the world. They depict religious, historical or every day events and people.

We will begin with a short ceremony and take time to create an altar box to represent whatever image you want to honor, your ancestors, Spirit, an element, an energy etc.

Basic materials such as boxes, paint and glue and some extras will be provided but bring a small figurine, a tiny copy of a picture any little things you want to add, perhaps lace etc. It's up to you to create as intricate or as simple a retablo as you want.

TBA soon!


More will be added soon..

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