What I Need To Know

We are are all sacred beings. 

Our purpose in life is to serve others.

To live in gratitude is to live in love. 

To love ourselves completely is to love  others unconditionally.

To love unconditionally is to love without expectations.

When we have no expectations, we allow the Universe, Source, God and all there is to take over.

This is when the healing and miracles truly begin. 




Hundreds of versions this is just a sample.

Video clip



This is only one version of a limpia

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Cacao cermony


Video is only one version. We do NOT use psychedelics. Held with utmost respect and sacredness.

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An intimate look


May 2019 Podcast from Rogues on the Road interview regarding Rocio's journey, beliefs and thoughts. (50 min)




How Should I Prepare?

Have an open mind, have faith in yourself without any expectations.

Full sessions, Luminous Healing and Limpias...

These are sacred moments. Treat them as such. The work begins from the moment you decide to go forward. Some people begin to release that which no longer serves them. This could be physically, spiritually or mentally.

All ages, all religions, people with trauma, blockages, intrusions, mother/father issues etc. Spirit takes over to do what is needed and guided at all times. You're never left alone; there is always follow-up after your visit.


Every session is customized to your needs. Ranging from 1 - 2 hrs or more, sessions may involve spiritual, emotional, physical work and or energetic work. Longer sessions may be indoors or outdoors. Sometimes down the block, sometimes to a brook, to a forest or mountain. ANYONE CAN DO THIS! There are flat walks, moderate and more difficult as appropriate to each client. Those with difficulty walking, stay indoors. People are often surprised at what they are able to do and what is accomplished. Everything is generally done locally but if you want an all day adventure, you will be taken into nature around Ossining, Cold Spring, Dover Plains and even Minnewaska in Ulster County. These adventures are described below.

Rest the night prior, eat healthy and avoid alcohol. If you are coming in for a Limpia (cleansing) you may be asked to do something special in preparation the evening prior. The day of of your appointment, set intention to receive that which you need at the moment. Eat light, no caffeine or alcohol, drugs etc. Plan for session giving yourself enough time  for a session and to rest afterwards. Wear something with light colors and dress comfortably. If you are coming in for a Limpia, do not wear black. After the session you will be given instruction on follow-up.

In Person: sessions range 1 - 3 hrs depending on need.  Call for details via distance. Almost all services including house cleansings can be done via distance.

Sliding scale fee for those who are ill (chronic illness etc) elderly in need or financial situation. 

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Your generosity helps pay it forward so others can receive healing as well. Some of the monies go towards the Ashaninka tribe in Peru, tribes in Mexico and others when cacao is purchased as well as herbs and materials for healing sessions. Thank you to those of you who have been donating organic candles, sea salt, healing space and more...MUNAY. 

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