Part 1- Spiritual Basics



Across cultures there are basic beliefs and practices that we must all have some understanding of. It is a foundation. You will have an understanding from Peruvian beliefs  and practices as well as other others. What is curanderismo and what it is not. Introduction ceremony for all participants.

Creating your altar

It is important to have a sacred space. This is your contact point to different energies but most importantly to yourself. Working with the medicine wheel in Peru and it's varieties around the world. 


Protecting is essential in curanderismo for many reasons. You will learn different forms and practices for yourself.  


You will learn to connect with Earth and Spirit through the angels, spirit animals, earth, water, fire, air and more.  How to keep your energy high and learn to discern between energies.

Basics of Ceremony

We will discuss the importance of ceremony, the basics of ceremony and receive ceremony and initiation on this day!