Remember your own divinity and live with passion


Respecting all religions and traditions, Rocio’s unique work allows her to balance the physical and spirit, providing clarity and insight as well as healing to her clients. This work is deeply guided from her family’s Peruvian lineage of Curanderos, where even at the age of five, she was aware of her gifts. Incorporating different traditions and techniques Rocio teaches other to empower themselves, to remember their own divinity. 

Rocio was born in New York and began her spiritual work publicly in 2007 after years of serious illness. Part of her spiritual initiation, was being diagnosed with many things such as Cancer, Lupus and Fibromyalgia, which brought her to reawaken her lineage into healing for herself and others. It was a visitation of light one evening that brought her to return to her roots and seek what true happiness really was. Now she is here to teach you the same.  

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