Our main location is 2125 Albany Post Road, Ste 303 in Montrose, NY, 10548 which has easy access to train and Uber if needed. However, we are still servicing Cold Spring, Peekskill, Ossining and Connecticut.  Please sign up on the home page for our newsletter/event postings. 

Ceremonies and healing offered day and evening by appointment, throughout the year. Ceremonies are also offered for private groups when requested.

When booking PLEASE REMEMBER TO KEEP EVENT ADDRESS AND INFO. We cannot receive calls while preparing for ceremony.


TO RESERVE: please email curandera444@gmail.com

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Peekskill or Montrose

DESPACHOS are a beautiful Andean Ceremony which can be used for celebration, harmony, release, healing closure, purification, financial stability, manifestation and many other things. A Despacho is a prayer offering in a bundle, through herbs, flowers and edibles, that used to honor and heal the Earth (Pachamama), yourself, your ancestors and the energies all around us, as she brings healing and abundance to us in our every day lives.  (If weather permits, will be held outdoors)

This is a sacred ceremony, please be on time. Bring Cushion to sit, mat and large water bottle.

 Email curandera444@gmail.com 

 Private sessions also available 

Ancestral Ceremony

Peekskill or Monrose


Ancestral healing is integral in your journey through life and in moving forward and unblocking. Our patterns, behaviors, blockages are all related.

In this ceremony we will come to begin heal and honor our family tree. You will  release through ceremony and begin changing your lives.

No caffeine/alcohol prior to event please. Wear light or bright colored. Please bring a large water bottle, flower offering and our small food (i.e an apple, piece of bread etc). mat & pillow.

You are welcome to bring small picture(s) as well.

Email if interested curandera444@gmail.com

 Private sessions also available 

Fire Ceremony

Montrose or Peekskill

In Shamanism, a common practice is working with the fire to transform and move energies. This is a peaceful form of meditation but is strong in its connection to the heart. You will quiet the mind and do a form of cleansing as well. You will be able to carry this practice to your home.

Bring your water bottle. No caffeine 3 hrs prior please. 

Exchange: $21


Peekskill or Montrose

The Cacao was used in ceremonies by the Olmecs of Mesoamerica for medicinal purposes and as "food for the gods". The cacao was used to commune with the gods and for better vision in some cases while hunting.

The ceremony uses raw cacao which comes from the beans you make chocolate with. All you need is an open heart and open mind. There are no psychedelics, there is no new age dancing in this. Rocio hols the ceremony true for what its original purpose was...healing. There are so many reported physical benefits from this, such as helping removing blocked energies, stomach ailments, blood pressure, anxiety. We make no claim to cure these things but cacao has a magical way of opening your heart to get to the root of all things.

Ceremony is 2-3 hrs long. No caffeine 4 hrs prior. Recommended to eat clean the day of or day prior, drink lots of water and eat light before the ceremony as this is a heavy substance. Please wear white to ceremony, could be a shawl or just top in white and blue jeans (in winter) , no black please.


Paid in advance

 Email if interested curandera444@gmail.com 

 Private sessions also available 

Spiritual & Ancestral Readings Dec. special 1 Hr. $80

Spiritual & Ancestral Readings

These readings are met to guide you as you have free will. When someone tells you "this will happen to you"it is only if you continue on the current path when you have met and changes are not made.

I provide energy readings, with physical touch where you stand, energy readings through acrylic paints, Peruvian chumpi stones  and other.

Special rate in December and January

1 hour- $60


Kitchen Healer

 Did you know your kitchen is a sacred and most powerful space? A kitchen healer is an enchantress and it is one of the oldest ways of living. In curanderismo, shamanism, and other practices, cooking and sharing with people is giving them your love. It is what people all around the world have been doing in their kitchens forever. It is a form of bringing love and green magic into your home and life. Most people who love to cook are doing it already. Working with the herbs around you and simple things you already  have in your kitchen, we will learn how to cleanse, protect and other things such as bringing love into your kitchen to assist you in your physical and spiritual life. 


Abundance is Here

December TBA

Approx 3 hrs long

Abundance comes in many forms. Sometimes we get stuck and can't seem to find our way out of what appears to be lack of love, health, wealth and everything around you. 

There are many components that go into receiving abundance but it starts with you! Come and learn simple tools and routines to help you pick up your vibration and break the obstacles towards the things you want. You will feel better and be on your way to better things. You will leave with tools to take home and get you on your way.

Materials to get you started will be  given and others will be available for purchase during event such as smudging wands, clearing baths and sprays.



Ancestor Healing

Peekskill and Montrose

Did you know that ancestral healing is a key component in your own journey and moving forward or unblocking?

You will come to understand how your family tree has been effecting you as well as your patterns, how to work with ancestors and sacred space. You will then do simple yet effective acts of consciousness to release and begin changing your life.

This class or ceremony can be repeated.

No caffeine prior to event please. Please bring a large water bottle.

Please bring a small offering of food, drink or other for ancestors. You may bring a small picture(s) as well.

Thank You

 Your generosity helps pay it forward so others can receive healing as well. Some of the monies go towards the Ashaninka tribe in Peru when cacao is purchased as well as herbs and materials for healing sessions. Thank you to those of you who  have been donating organic candles, sea salt, healing space and more. 

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

What others have to say

"Just wanted to say thank you for the ceremony on Friday...I have been feeling great and my anxiety has been very low and I could actually say I've had no anxiety all weekend..."

"The Cacao ceremony is an Amazing spiritual experience. I’ve done this twice and highly recommend it to anyone in need of reenergizing and/or healing. I go because it’s a great way to meditate and relax. Anything else is a bonus! My long time friend, Rocio La Rosa, a Peruvian Shaman facilitates this powerful experience."

"Ever since the cacao ceremony, opportunities have been flowing to me like crazy...and people that can help me and I them, have been flowing to me nicely...during and after the ceremony I feel a great sense of relaxation and pure bliss."

"Rocio La Rosa immediately sets the tone for a special experience. A feeling of sacred space, shared wisdom and customs where trust and transparency are immediately established. This was a beautiful ceremony where I felt completely safe and at ease as she walked us through her beautiful ancestry's healing through words, song, ritual, drumming and a deeply connective shamanic journey. A sense of lightness in the body and attuned energy are just a few of the feelings I am experiencing today."

"To share a room with you is an eye opening experience...a heart opening experience. To transcend through history, to feel your soul open, to learn to heal; physically mentally and emotionally is something that you brought to me personally and for that I am in your gratitude."

"I felt very much joyful and a lot of gratitude. This is wonderful!