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    New Main Location!

    We will be back up and running as of August 8th. Please be aware our new main location is 2125 Albany Post Road in Montrose, NY, 10548 which has easy access to train and Uber if needed. However, we are still servicing, Cold Spring, Ossining and Connecticut.  Please sign up on the home page for our newsletter. Thank you for your patience as we continue to update to make booking easier and more convenient for you...

    Please be aware that some of these ceremonies may be a combination of one or more. Ceremonies and healing offered day and evening by appointment, throughout the summer. 


    Luminous Healing

    Friday, August 31st


    (Rte 9, Peekskill, exact location given at reservation) Maximum 10

    Healing involves surrendering to the Universe, Creator...God, whatever name you wish to use for that which created you. In this event, you will connect to source, have a sound healing and receive  a clearing of blockages.

    Exchange: $40

    No caffeine 3 hrs prior please. Bring bottled water, dress comfortably and no wearing black please. We realize people are coming from work but please try to be on time.

    Pachamama Connection

    Date: TBA

    Location will be disclosed at time of reservation  

    Reconnect and get grounded through the Earth, Pachamama. Use your senses to hear, see and feel the world around you. 

    Come and learn simple ways to connect with the earth through simple acts of consciousness. You will learn to cleansing and heal yourself through the elements of the earth.

    Bring a lunch and water. Dress comfortably and bring suit and towel.

    A healer's path to Spirit

    Friday, August 24th 7:30-9:30pm

    Location: 925 South, South Street, Peekskill. Top floor back room 

    A healer's path can be long and with it's ups and downs. Rocio will share moments of healing illness and synchronicities from the past and present that have continued evolve throughout her journey in order to help others. Afterwards you will listen to a "Terapia de Canto" or Song Healing with various healing instruments.

    Exchange: Donation only

    Please wear light or white colored clothing and bring large bottle of water.

    In tune with Consciousness

    Wednesday August 22nd from 7:30-8:30pm

    This is a meditation group for those who wish to connect to consciousness, their guides, Spirit. If you've been having trouble connecting or meditating we will use different techniques to build on this connection.


    Cacao Ceremony


    This particular date we will work with the cacao and have a special surprise while using our senses to creative something  beautiful that you will take home. 

    The cacao ceremony is a sacred ceremony used in Mexico, South and Central America that opens the heart. This can be a deeply profound ceremony that makes you present and aware of what needs to be released.  We will connect with the heart through the cacao plant and our 5 senses as we journey. Sound and song (Icaros) will be used.

     Bring a yoga mat/blanket, small pillow and water bottle. No caffeine prior please and avoid alcohol. Always best to have a clean diet a few days prior.

    Fire Ceremony

    Friday TBA

    925 South, South Street, Peekskill

    In Shamanism, a common practice is journeying and power retrieval. In this process, a person can access other realities where they can explore a question or a problem from another perspective. In South America, it can be done though the plant medicine, rattling, singing and other tools. Rocio will work with the fire and use her voice and various instruments to bring you to a calm and safe place where you will do your own work while receiving guidance. 

    Bring a yoga mat/blanket, small pillow and your water bottle. No caffeine 3 hrs prior please. 

    Water Ceremony

    Thursday TBA 9am-Noon

    Location disclosed at reservation

    Water is our most precious gift and we are made of this beautiful energy. Sacred waters are used all the time as part of ceremony and cleansing for your mind body and spirit. Ceremony will be held outdoors (weather permitting) at one of two locations. In event of poor weather will be held in Cold Spring.

    Be prepared to get wet in whole or part! 

    In this ceremony, we will make an offering, do a cleansing with the water and create love and intention for others. 

    Bring water bottle and a snack. 

    Sacred Feminine Warriors

    TBA 7-9 in Cold Spring


    Since the beginning of time women have been the nurturers but also the warriors and the medicine keepers. We are now returning to the ancient medicine to heal our ancestors as well as ourselves. Bring yourself to a sacred space where we can heal as women; all that we've carried in our wombs, in order to move through this life with ease.

    This is a special healing group that will meet once a month in support of each other where we an grow individually and together as well. Please wear a skirt in honor of the sacred feminine. Cacao will be offered in this ceremony to open our hearts. Weather pending we will go to a water source outdoors near the Hudson River.


    Coming soon

    DESPACHOS are a beautiful Andean Ceremony which can be used for celebration, harmony, release, healing closure, purification, manifestation and many other things. A Despacho is a prayer offering in a bundle, through herbs, flowers and edibles, that used to honor and heal the Earth (Pachamama), yourself, your ancestors and the energies all around us, as she brings healing and abundance to us in our every day lives.  (If weather permits, will be held outdoors) This ceremony will be combined with sacred cacao...

    This is a sacred ceremony, please be on time.

    Munay-Ki Rites


    Munay-Ki comes from the Quechua word that means "I love you".  This is an initiation of 9 rites which transform and upgrade your luminous energy field. They are energetic transmissions that facilitate healing the wounds of the past and allow you to become the true Earth Keepers we all are.

    Exchange: These rites were meant to be given freely for anyone in need and we only ask for a small donation of white soy candles, white and or red carnations or anything your heart dictates for this ceremony. This is a small group at this time, maximum 7 people. 

    Those from my past groups welcome, please bring your pi-stones.


    Protection Workshop


    If more than 10 may move to peekskill

    Many people are sensitive and open sponges picking up energy from others and do not know why. In this workshop, we will learn about energies and how to protect ourselves as Curanderos and other healers do. Anyone is welcome, especially people who work with the public, or constantly using their hands. Those previously who attended previous workshops welcome.

    Exchange $40

    Fearless Souls Paint

    July Date TBA 7-9:30  Cold Spring

    If you are feeling stuck in life, in creativity, want a deeper connection with Spirit or simply enjoy creating then this workshop is for you.

    Rocio will teach you to connect with Spirit and allow you to go on a journey through a meditative state. You will then  create what you experienced freely without judgment or fear. You will have fun in this class and will have a brief reading at the end if you wish through your painting. 

    This is for ANYONE with or without experience.

    Exchange  $40

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    What others have to say

    "Just wanted to say thank you for the ceremony on Friday...I have been feeling great and my anxiety has been very low and I could actually say I've had no anxiety all weekend..."

    "Ever since the cacao ceremony, opportunities have been flowing to me like crazy...and people that can help me and I them, have been flowing to me nicely...during and after the ceremony I feel a great sense of relaxation and pure bliss."