• Blessings to you

    What you will experience

    Shamanic practice and curanderismo thorough, spiritual counseling, healing, cleansings/limpias, spiritual readings, house blessings and clearings, spiritual retreats, wedding ceremonies, spiritual baths and more... specific details for your understanding below.

    Locations in Cold Spring (private session and group), Peekskill (workshops) and Millwood (coming soon),  Fees may vary on location.

     Group sessions and workshops are a great way to learn and experience some of what happens in a private session.  These are offered on the next page.


    Spiritual Baths & Sprays

    How it works...

    You can have these made for a private session or for gifts. Just call or email and make a request. They can be made in small or large containers depending on your needs. Recycled jars are generally used to help the earth.

    Cleansing and clearing

    This bath is made with prayer, local herbs and sound for clearing and cleansing of you body, mind and spirit. You can also use it to clear your space. The scent can be mild or strong depending on the herbs used. This is best done with a spiritual cleansing.

    Road opening

    Made to help break blockages, this bath contains strong prayers, herbs and sacred water. You can use it as a bath or floor wash  for your home and business. This is best done with a spiritual cleansing.

    Attraction and abundance

    We all can use a little help and this bath will help you bring in those energies. We work with herbs, prayers and the energy of the waters to bring the flow of abundance in all aspects of your life.

    Peace and Calm

    You just need to clear the tension and it's as simple as that! This will use prayer, herbs and beautiful soft scented flowers to bring peace and calm to your heart. Have a great night sleeping or use this on your heart chakra and even your home to bring some peace.

    Personal Retreats

    Pachamama Connection

    Reconnect with the Earth, Pachamama and remember your beauty. We often walk in life so fast and we do not recognize things that are right in front of us. You live on the Earth which is our physical plane and she want s you to rediscover her beauty and your own beauty within.

    We will spend a day with cleansing and ceremony and re-discover our senses as well as overall well-being. 

    You will first be invited to go either to a to a brief acupressure or acupuncture session to help open your chi channels, or have a Jin Shin Jyutsu session, then go outdoors to one of many locations throughout the area. Be prepared to go out in all weather, for what you are afraid to feel is what reflects in your outer world. If weather is  too harsh, work will be done indoors. Time and availability permitting we will end the day with a brief yoga or meditation session.

    Please call regarding exchange. For individuals this can be a full day or partial full day and there are other options. Group sessions will vary  depending on availability of healing partners involved.